Before & After Image Sliders - How to install on SquareSpace

One of the main features that I wanted to have on the new website were before and after photos. I had seen a few great examples of these online and wanted to implement it on my own site.  I was surprised to learn just how easy it is to do this with SquareSpace. During my search, I came across this blog post written by Anthony Kramer which has links to the install files and has a great step-by-step guide for the installation process. The installation is a little strange but anyone can manage it. This blog post isn't much other than a quick thank you and a link back to some awesome work. It was helpful for me so I hope that it is helpful for you as well. 


Alex Crook

The feeling of entering a space is often hard to describe. The light, colors and texture all form how we experience the world. Alex is committed to distilling the way that these spaces make us feel and conveying that experience through photography. The right images should speak for themselves and illustrate a confidence that, "What you see is what you get." Alex works tirelessly to capture the essence of each client in order to create high quality and print-ready photography that is functional, clean, and on-point.